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TOsketchfest21 Lineup Announcement

We are so excited to announce the lineup for our first online Festival TOsketchfest21 – Screen Time Edition which run March 24-28, 2021! Single tickets go on sale Monday, March 15.

Opening Night

On Wednesday, March 24, the Opening Night Gala of TOsketchfest21 – Screen Time Edition, will kick off the Festival with comedy shorts from past TOsketchfest Award winners Tita Collective and Darrell Faria; Festival Favourites Christian Smith and Natalie Metcalfe; rising sketch comedy stars Avan Neo, and Cheap Wine; plus the New York Spotlight begins with appearances by Kaili Y Turner and The Nitro Girls.

Closing Night

The Closing Night Gala on Sunday, March 28 will present a 60 minute table read from Untitled Black Sketch Project, Canada’s premiere all-Black ensemble sketch troupe. Untitled Black Sketch Project features Phatt Al (The Second City), Aba Amuquandoh (This Hour Has 22 Minutes), Ajahnis Charley (Bad Dog Theatre), Coko Galore (Bad Dog Theatre), Brandon Hackett (Tallboyz), Alan Shane Lewis (The Great Canadian Baking Show), Brandon Ash Mohammed (Because News), and Nkasi Ogbonnah (The Second City).

The Current TOSketchFest21 – Screen Time Edition Line Up:

  • #HospitalChic by Ophira Calof
  • 40 Solid Minutes of The Foundation (New York)
  • The Agreement by NYTEShift Comedy (Philadelphia)
  • Anti-Racism Healing Circle FAIL by Folk Lordz (Edmonton)
  • Anti-Maskers Have Way More Fun Than Me by Andrew Fleming, Tyson Coady
  • At Home With A Guy From Anonymous by Matt Levy (New York)
  • Baking Bread by Anesti Danelis
  • Balls! by Jakob Skrzypa
  • Bastards with Knives by Joel Edmiston, Ben Stager and Chris Locke
  • Becca by Nancy Webb (Montreal)
  • The Behind by Daniel Tahmizian and Brian Barlow
  • Birds by Lisa Cheong (New York)
  • Bonhomme, The Tea, Tim’s Dad, and I Found WHAT Inside My Mystery Box?? by Lauren and Caitlin
  • Brian Button by Kate Hammer (Montreal)
  • Burger by Kirsten Comerford
  • Cat Call by Whisky Kids
  • Characters Welcome! from The Squirrel Satellite Stage (New York)
  • Cheap Wine Digital Shorts    
  • Church Chismis by Tita Collective
  • Connoisseurs by Twingirlpeeks (West Hollywood)
  • CREAM and Joe Pesci by Ajahnis Charley
  • The Cup by Nice Tan Comedy (San Francisco)
  • Dad Pals and Which Twin?™ by Kyle Kenyon (Los Angeles)
  • Dispensary Delusions and The Social Bubbles by Toronto Sketch Comedy
  • Don’t Touch Women by Janelle McGuinness
  • Drawn Up Comedy – Full Episode by Luba Magnus
  • Early Shirley by Sherice Griffiths (London, UK)
  • The First Couple To Ever Get Married by Julia Nolke
  • Friendship in the Time of COVID by The Cosmonauts Sketch Comedy Troupe (Phoenix)
  • Fucking Poor by Sam Roulston
  • Future You, and Love Your Oven by Make It Up Media (Chicago)
  • Gen Z Hire Me by Margarita Brighton
  • Gender? I Hardly Know Them (Edmonton)  
  • Handyman, and We Got Divorced by Christian + Nat
  • Hannah Lawrence Is Skater by Hannah Lawrence, Daniel Woodrow
  • High Heel Bikini
  • The (Home) Office by Alli and Virginia (Brooklyn)
  • Hot Donuts, and Just Another Day Living In Quarantine (Queen Latifah Parody) by The HERlarious Show (New York) 
  • How it Work? w/ Cam Wyllie – Onions        
  • House Of Guns by Incredible Dreamz (Cinnaminson, NJ)
  • I Accidentally Killed My Sister by Cookie Biscuits
  • I Need to Pee (Lady Gaga Parody) by Hillary Yaas featuring Selena Vyle
  • Internet II by Conrad Osei, Ben Stager
  • IT’S DESMOND (your misguided tour guide) by Desmond Ngai, Daniela di Salvo, George D’Amato
  • Kick The Ball by Super Cool Oh Yes
  • Knife Truck, and Vogue by Christian Smith and Zach Berge
  • Love Is a Crazy Thing by Trophy Husbands
  • Man Upstairs by Laura Ramoso and Gaelan McMillan
  • Marcia the Self-Help Guru – Ep. 104 by Samantha Wyss, Xander Copp
  • Masterclass: Acting with Faye Dunaway by Marshall Lorenzo 
  • Maybe It’s Melanin by Kaili Y Turner (Brooklyn)
  • Memories by Griffin Toplitsky
  • Now More Than Ever 2021 by Jon Blair
  • Joy Provision 
  • Musical Chairs by King Friday Productions (Philadelphia)
  • NASTY by Jamie Shriner (Chicago)
  • If A Tree Falls by Public Works
  • Night Snack, and Say Hi by Martin Sofiedal (Oslo, Norway)
  • N’ly: Free Workplace Codeswitching app for Black Employees 1& 2 by Dejen Tesfagiorgis (New York)
  • Now That’s What I Call 20 Seconds by Church Social
  • Office Buddies by Armond Snowden (Lawrenceville, GA)
  • The One That Got Away: A Monologue by The S&M Experience (Exeter, ON)
  • The Organization by Nitro Girls (New York)
  • Pecans by Accountable Comedy (New York)
  • Period Sex, and Witchcraft Wednesday by Cackle Comedy Productions
  • PORTRAIT OF A LADY IN FLAMES by Templeton Philharmonic
  • Quarantined Apps, and Relatable Porn by Wishful Genies
  • Quarantine Simulator (Official Gameplay) by Jasper Tey (Guelph)
  • Regrets by Jon Plester (Chicago)
  • Rice Rap by AzNPoP Comedy (New York)
  • Sedation Free Colonoscopy by Short Attention Spa (Picton)
  • Shower Caddy by Boy Girl Party
  • The Skinny Kookoo Comedy Sketch Show by Joyce Delaronde (Niverville, MB)
  • Snowball (2021) by Brian Mitchell (Brooklyn)
  • So Wretch by Fog and Lasers
  • STOMP by Carson Pinch
  • Surveillance (A Raccoon Viral Video) by The Toronto Raccoons
  • Mr. Beautiful by Tim Blair and Connor Ferrara
  • Theatrum by Hip. Bang! (Vancouver)
  • To What End. By Tom Hearn
  • Uncharted Territories – Steak by Ronald Dario (Vancouver)
  • Uncle Saaajiid Sneaker Reviews by Darrell Faria
  • UnCuLtURE (The Hotline Boyfriend) by Declan Quinlan (New York)
  • Untitled Black Sketch Project
  • Vancouver Stage: Welcoming Committee, and Brunch
  • V-Day Lineup by Room 28 (New York)
  • What If by Avan Neo (Ottawa)
  • Where Are They Now – The Ring Girl by Brittany Charlotte Smith
  • Your Real Estate Agent Tried Shrooms by Lauren Beatty, Katrina Westin
  • Young Douglas: The Best Of 2020 (New York)       
  • The Zoom Cycle by Grapefruit Bubbly (Madison)
  • Zoom Dentist by Cereal in a Mason Jar
  • The Zounderkite: “The Glove Box” by The VoidVille Company

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Single tickets for TOsketchfest21 – Screen Time Edition go on sale Monday, March 15th.


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