A photograph of 12 vintage tvs broadcasting TOsketchfest - Screentime edition logos, and a mix of comedy shorts from the festival program

TOsketchfest22 Line-Up Is Here!

From March 23-27, 2022 get ready for TOsketchfest22 – Screen Time Edition. Our 17th Annual Festival will once again take place completely online with live and on-demand screenings full of all of the trusted sketch comedy goodness you expect from us. Tickets and passes are on sale now!

We are so proud to reveal the line-up and schedule for TOsketchfest22, which will feature over 100 hilarious titles with a wide variety of comedy from around the world including Toronto, Vancouver, New York, London UK, Mexico City in English, ASL, and Spanish. Captions will also be available for all sketches through each showcase.

Top: Mayumi Yoshida in "I Don't Want Him Either", Sam Roulston in "Cringe", and Fatuma Adar. Bottom: Emily Richardson, Whyte Wyne and Young Riesling, and Dalmar Abuzeid in "The Beacons of Gondor".

Top: Mayumi Yoshida in “I Don’t Want Him Either”, Sam Roulston in “Cringe”, and Fatuma Adar. Bottom: Emily Richardson, Whyte Wyne and Young Riesling, and Dalmar Abuzeid in “The Beacons of Gondor”.



10-Piece Nuggets, Accountable Comedy (New York), Alia DeSantis, Ally Medeiros, Alma Amorim (Milton), Anders Yates, Anesti Danelis, Avan Neo (Ottawa), Bad Machine, Big Apartment (Vancouver), Bleak, Boy Girl Party, Brainwrap Comedy (London, UK), Canadian Satire, Carson & Taylor, Cheap Wine, Chelsea Larkin, CoFlemedy, The Comedy Club, Conrad Osei-Bonsu, Cookie Biscuits, The Sketchlings (Maryland), Darrin Schultz (Seattle), The Debutantes (Edmonton), Diana Aydin (New York), The Diddlin’ Bibbles, Donny Crosswell, Dublin Comedy TV (New York), Emily Richardson, Fatuma Adar, and Folk Lordz (Edmonton).


Gabriel Meacher & Alex Oliver, Good Daughter, Good Ideas, Grapefruit Bubbly (Wisconsin), Heather Hawthorn Doyle (New Westminster), Herbeaver, Hillary Yaas, The Institute Sketch Comedy (​​Massachusetts), Joel Edmiston and Ben Stager, Jon Blair, Jordan Moeller (Virginia), Joy Provision, Juan Jaramillo (Milton), Katrina Westin, Kirsten Rasmussen, Kyle Woolven (Belleville), Laura Lee, Lisa Cheong (New York), Looners Comedy (Indiana), Luba Magnus, Margarita Brighton (Halifax), Mike A Simms (New York), MK Morris, Model Majority (New York), Mom’s Girls (Newfoundland), NYTEShift (Philadelphia), Potato Potato, Public Works, Old School Sketch Show (New York), Re:Current Theatre (Vancouver), Roderick B Shephard (North Carolina), Ronald Dario (Vancouver), Sam Roulston (London, UK), and Scott Paterson.

And there’s more?! Whaaaa

Second City Chicago Youth Ensemble, Send Noods, Sensitive Athletes, Shannon DeVido (Philadelphia), Shannon Rayne (Vancouver), Short Attention Spa (Picton), Sidetrack Bandits (Manitoba), Skinny Kookoo (Manitoba), The S&M Experience, Smooth Comedy (Hamilton), Success 5000 (Edmonton), The Templeton Philharmonic, Tom Hearn, Tommy Marshall, Toronto Sketch Comedy, Triple Yeah Productions (​Massachusetts), Uber & Klonk, Vermin Melville, Vincent Price Check, Whyte Wyne and Young Riesling, The Walking Sketch (Mexico), Wishful Genies, Young Douglas (New York), and Your Friends Comedy (California).


Can’t make it to the live showcase premiere with your favourite sketch comedian? No worries, TOsketchfest22 – Screen Time Edition now includes on-demand viewing! Plus, the 2022 Festival does not have any geo-restrictions, so you can watch from anywhere March 23-27, 2022!

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