A close up of J River in front of an orange back drop. They have short hair and long earrings with orange and purple circles.

5 Comedy Shows to See in June

Grab your best Judy and check out some vivacious variety shows throughout the month of June. Whether you are celebrating Pride or celebrating summer (and it better be both!), Toronto is packed with top notch comedy shows.

MESH: A Sketch Comedy Show
June 2 & 3

MESH is a sketch comedy extravaganza by award-winning comedians Ajahnis Charley and Tom Hearn. Get ready to be served some hot musical comedy, iconic characters, and sexy-as-hell solo werq. Don’t miss them pop off on Pride because just like mesh, Ajahnis and Tom are cute, light and full of tight little holes.
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Anesti Danelis: Artificially Intelligent
June 3

Award-winning musical comedian and viral internet hit-maker Anesti Danelis returns from the deep dark web with his guitar, piano, and violin (yes b*tch, a violin), to bring you a comedy concert of his critically acclaimed songs.
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The Encore
June 11

J.River’s comedic debut/ Special: The Paid Extra-Vert receives this encore performance as part of the One Night Only Festival. You’ll also be treated to a special guest appearance from Dario Dvon, and the comedic debut of Tsholo Visions.
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Laura Ramoso: Frances
June 15-18

Following a sold-out Canadian tour, Laura Ramoso brings her critically acclaimed special back to Toronto! This show features her most popular characters like Italian Dad, German Mom and the Three Girls Who Just Got Back From Europe, FRANCES tells a hilarious and painfully relatable story about love and loss through the best in sketch and improv comedy.
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Talent Show
June 19

Talent Show is an exciting showcase of Toronto’s best comics performing an outrageous “skill” while doing a set. Hosted by Bee Bertrand and Cleo Vaillancourt, the June lineup will include Al Val, Sam Burns, Isabel Zawtun, and Brendan D’Souz.
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Feeling like a road trip? Smooth Comedy are holding their first ever Smooth Comedy Festival at The Staircase in Hamilton from June 23-25.