TOsketchfest20 Spotlight: Visiting Troupes

The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival will present over 50 sketch comedy troupes from across North America including the best of the best from New York, Edmonton and – you guessed it – Greensboro, North Carolina.

Some of the visiting troupes have been Festival favourites for years and some are performing in Toronto for the first time ever! Get to know these visiting troupes and grab your tickets! They will perform at Comedy Bar and Theatre Centre from March 4 – 15, 2020.


Girl Brain (Edmonton)
March 6 & 7 at Comedy Bar

Girl Brain celebrates humanity, empowerment and love through embracing the little bits of every day life that make us laugh. Girl Brain is for everyone- it’s about embracing life and ourselves, warts and all! In their show, you can expect a lot of silliness, a lot of love, an epic tale of the Weeping Vag and a musical mashup that you’ll be singing along to for weeks to come. Girl Brain is an infectious brand of comedy, and it is catching on! Tickets

HUNKS (Winnipeg)
March 12 & 14 at The Theatre Centre

This brand new sketch comedy show from HUNKS is an engaging experience for the audience. It is loaded with fast-paced, absurd sketches and uses the theme of “Toxic Positivity” to deliver a shakespeare-esque finale. Tickets

Brunch (Vancouver)
March 13 & 14 at Comedy Bar

Brunch is a sketch and improv duo comprised of Allie Entwistle and Kerri Donaldson. Their comedy focuses on creating dynamic female characters and friendships, drawing heavy influence from Alanis Morissette, Miranda from Sex in the City, and Eat Pray Love. Brunch is like an apocalyptic 90’s Julia Roberts movie without the Richard Gere (better). Tickets

Dang Dumb (Edmonton)
March 13 & 14 at Comedy Bar

Dang Dumb mixes the comedic voices of this diverse cast into a show that leaves no topic off limits. Satire, eccentric characters, absurd situations, musical numbers, relatable observations, one-liners, and self-referential sketches all tightly woven together with callbacks keep audiences on the edge of the seats with anticipation and rolling on the ground with laughter. At the centre of it all is their group dynamic that is playful and loving, like siblings fighting on a family holiday. Tickets

Same Boat (Halifax)
March 13 & 14 at Comedy Bar

A no-nonsense sketch show brought to you by a comedic duo, Erik Garf and Brody Wilkinson-Martin, with a lot to give, and really nothing to lose; aka they’re broke. Teeming with memorable characters and absurd situations; Same Boat is like a raunchy adult cartoon dreamt up by two kids who shared a TV. Tickets

Gender? I Hardly Know Them (Edmonton)
March 13 & 14 at The Theatre Centre

“Nanette” meets “Baroness Von Sketch” in this 69-star queer sketch show by award-winning playwright and performer Elena Eli Belyea and Rapid Fire Theatre/Dang Dumb director and performer Sydney Campbell. “Gender, I Hardly Know Them” is a smorgasbord of the political, surreal, raunchy and ridiculous, tackling complicated subjects with risk, rigor, and wit. Dad jokes, first dates and catcalls collide in this joyfully provocative show that will leave you breathless, whatever your pronouns. Tickets


Gary from HR (New York City)
March 13 & 14 at The Theatre Centre

Gary from HR is a hilarious sketch team assembled by The Magnet Theater in February 2018. They are the first house sketch team in New York City to be written, directed and performed exclusively by people of color. Tosketchfest is honoured to present their Canadian debut! Tickets

Thunderstood (Greensboro)
March 6 & 7 at Comedy Bar

Armed with a projector and an odd point of view, AJ Schraeder takes you through a stream of conscious presentation of how he sees reality and in the end you’ll be happy you aren’t as weird as him. AJ has been an official selection at SF Sketchfest, Chicago Sketchfest, and TOSketchfest (Don’t We Boys, Unstoppable Failure). Outside of comedy his commercial concepts have been purchased by major brands such as Tide, Anheuser-Bush, and Doritos. Tickets

Elena Skopetos (New York)
March 6 & 7 at The Theatre Centre

Join Elena as she takes you on a ride to meet her favourite characters, all while desperately trying to impress her father. Music? You know it. Dance? Of course! A woman trying way too hard? F*cking duh, dude. Elena Skopetos: Impressing My Dad is currently running at the UCB Theatre in NYC and was recently featured in the NY Comedy Festival. Tickets

Room 28 (New York)
March 6 & 7 at Comedy Bar

They joke en ingles and they have comedy for every JUAN! Room 28’s derived from “La Casa 28”, which in the Dominican Republic folklore says, is where the “crazies” are sent. They started Room 28 to write roles for Latinos other troupes weren’t portraying. Their humour is a culmination of their culture, diverse backgrounds, and being native New Yorkers. Tickets

Spooky Dookie (Chicago)
March 13 & 14 at The Theatre Centre

Spooky Dookie is Maureen Monahan and Claire McFadden, two goody-good girls from the All-American Midwest. They specialize in sketch comedy that is sometimes dark, often absurd, and frequently humorous. Join Spooky Dookie as they explore big, deep, extra thick™ themes like chaos and fate without ever coming to any strong conclusions. Tickets

Milwaukee! (New York)
March 13 & 14 at The Theatre Centre

Milwaukee! Sketch Comedy brings together some of the finest actors and writers in New York. With whip smart premises, over the top characters, and a uniquely 2019 sensibility, Milwaukee! will delight everyone from the first time showgoer to the most discerning comedy critic. Tickets

Grab your TOsketchfest Pass and show these visiting troupes some true Toronto hospitality*!

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*A smile, warm applause, and a free raccoon