Live (Podcasts) from TOsketchfest!

Over the years the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival has hosted podcast and television recordings in front of live audiences at The Theatre Centre, Comedy Bar and The Great Hall. We have compiled some of our favourites, to revisit some hilarious guests, and remember what it is like to hear an audience laugh at a joke all together in the same room.

My Gorgeous Son

My Gorgeous Son is a podcast hosted by Andy Bush, his father Rollie, and Everardo Ramirez, and each episode features a different guest who doles out advice to Andy to improve his life. For example, the guests at live TOsketchfest recordings included Santa, an incel, and Dr. Frasier Crane.

In his 2019 review of the podcast recording, Glenn Sumi said “I’m subscribing to the podcast now and so should you.”

My Gorgeous Son – Live at Toronto Sketchfest19

My Gorgeous Son – Live at Toronto Sketchfest 2020

Vest of Friends Podcast

The Vest of Friends Podcast ran on Never Sleeps Network for 100 episodes, where they would combine sketches and interviews showcasing the sketch comedy community.

In 2018 they recorded two live episodes including:
Good Morning Apocalypse from Midland
Making Box Brigade from Guelph

Comedy Album Book Club

Hosted by Jason Deline and recorded live at TOsketchfest19, Comedy Album Book Club sat down with Robin Duke, Kerri Donaldson and Allie Entwistle of Brunch Comedy, and Brandon Hackett to talk about the 1976 Saturday Night Live cast recording.

Comedy Album Book Club also spoke with Carson Pinch, Cameron Wyllie, and Girl Brain that same year for some short and sweet interviews.

Constant Struggle Podcast

The Constant Struggle is a podcast from Nick and Brie Watson about the balance of artistic endeavours and everyday life featuring interviews with comedians. In their Live from TOsketchfest episode, they spoke with “emerging” sketch comedian Vance Banzo and ten-year veteran of the scene, Dave Barclay.

The Laughing Drum

TOsketchfest 2019 was the first time in our Festival history that we hosted a network television taping. We were absolutely honoured to partner with APTN to bring The Laughing Drum from Winnipeg to Toronto to tape two episodes, hosted by Tim Fontaine, in front of a live audience.

Episode One, March 19

Episode Two, March 26