Tom Hearn and Ajahnis Charley stand outside in a backyard, with a fence in the background. They stand facing the camera, with their heads turned looking at each other.

Must-See Sketch Comedy: June 2021

Summer is officially here, and with the rays of sun come lots of laughs! We have compiled a list of Must-See sketches featuring hilarious comedy videos including some music, a full length revue, and in-venue performances!

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Exploiting Pride For Fun and/or Profit by Gerald Yeung

Gerald Yeung celebrates the wonderful diversity and empowerment of the LGBTQ+ community in his Irregular Wellness Update, as seen on Good News, Toronto. He skillfully explains how you can exploit Pride for profit in the ultimate act of human cynicism.

Tony’s Driving School by Boy Girl Party

At Tony’s Driving School, they don’t skip over any of the fun parts! Boy Girl Party is a sketch troupe created by Tamlynn Bryson, Melanie Dahling, Damien Doepping and Chili Davidson who presented their short Shower Caddy at TOSketchFest21 – Screen Time Edition.

A Newly Vaccinated Top Back On Grindr by Michael Hartney

This NSFW sketch, written and performed by Michael Hartney, was captured in front of a live audience in New York City on June 6 at The Squirrel, as part of Characters Welcome. Michael Hartney created the roles of Stanley and Mr. Williams in the original Broadway cast of School of Rock The Musical with TV credits including 30 Rock, The Politician, and The Break with Michelle Wolf.

There’s Just Something About That Tennessee Whiskey by Donny Crosswell

Toronto-based comedian Donny Crosswell originally released this catchy song back in May, but surprised fans with the Extended Pride Dance Mix this month. recently mused “I struggled to determine if he was a comedy act or a sex symbol but resolved that he’s both.” After watching both versions of the music video with Donny in action, be sure to add the song to your Spotify playlists!

Stay At Homo by Ajahnis Charley and Tom Hearn

Award-winning comedians Ajahnis Charley and Tom Hearn recently teamed up for Stay At Homo, a double-solo sketch comedy, backyard extravaganza as part of Pride In Place at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre. Lucky for us, we can relive the songs, original characters, and impressions again and again with the full revue online, including some music from Tricia Black.

Watch all of these Must-See Sketches here: