A graphic with photographs of Bobby Cohoat (DC Sketchfest), Deirdre Trudeau (Montreal Sketchfest) and Byron Martin (Grindstone Comedy Festival). Test overlaid reads, "Learning + Fun: What Makes a Great Festival Submission? Wednesday, November 15 - 6PM ET. A one-stop virtual session for all things festival submissions - plus live Q&A."

Learning + Fun: Tips for Great Live Submissions

TOsketchfest’s ongoing Learning + Fun Series continues with an informative virtual presentation with the TOsketchfest team, and guests from Montréal Sketchfest, DC Sketchfest and Grindstone Comedy Festival.

Submissions for TOsketchfest are open (deadline November 30th). Creating a festival submission is a job. Sure, there are the forms and submission fees to navigate, but that’s just the END of a submissions process.

How do you write about your work?
Do you have great photos?
Does your video submission do your work justice?

We thought we’d bring a few festival programmers together to talk a bit about what their festivals are looking for, and to offer tips and insights on what you can do to make your festival submission shine.

Date: Now available ON-DEMAND
Location: Virtual Session – Zoom
Program Length is approximately 60 minutes
Cost: FREE

Button: Video On-Demand

A screenshot from the Learning + Fun virtual session: a 4-up featuring Paul Snepsts, Deirdre Trudea, Bobby Cohoat and Byron Martin mid-conversation. A white "Play" icon overlaid.

Click the image above to view the Learning + Fun session On-Demand.


Our Guests

Photo of Paul Snepsts, TOsketchfest ED

Paul Snepsts

Paul Snepsts (he/him) is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival. Paul is a passionate advocate for writers and performing artists in comedy. He has fulfilled roles as Canadian talent scout for JibJab Inc., sat on adjudication committees for The Tim Sims Encouragement Awards, The Canadian Comedy Awards, and was Vice President of The Canadian Association of Stand-up, Sketch and Improv Comedians. In his 20 years in working comedy Paul has watched a LOT of festival submissions.

Photo of Deirdre Trudeau of Montréal Sketchfest

Deirdre Trudeau

Deirdre (she/her) is the Festival Director at Montreal Sketchfest. She has been steadily involved in the Montreal comedy community for the past decade or so, both on and off stage (HOT RAW FIRE, Ladyfest, Nightmare Slags, Third Husbands, Le Nouveau International/TSC, Brunch Club, etc). Her BFA in Art History has yet to prove professionally useful.

Photo of Byron Martin

Byron Martin

Byron is the Founder and Artistic Director of Grindstone Theatre Society in Edmonton and of The Grindstone Comedy Festival. He has built a career as a multidisciplinary artist working as an actor, improviser, director, writer, producer, educator, arts administrator, choreographer and close up magician. The Grindstone Comedy Festival is an annual independent stand-up, improv and sketch comedy festival hosted at Edmonton’s Grindstone Theatre.

Photo of Bobby Cohoat

Bobby Cohoat

Bobby Cohoat is a DC based writer, performer and producer for Rails Comedy, as well as sits on the planning committee for DC Sketchfest. Bobby has performed sketch comedy across the country and at Edinburgh Fringe as the duo Lots of Feelings.


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