A black graphic with individual black and white photos of the eight members of Untitled Black Sketch Project. In white text above the photos it reads "Untitled Black Sketch Project". In white text below the photos id reads the names of the troupe members: Coko Galore, PHATT Al, Alan Shane Lewis, Nkasi Ogbonnah, Ajahnis Charley, Aba Amuquandoh, Brandon Ash Mohammed, Brandon Hackett

Closing Night Gala: Untitled Black Sketch Project

Untitled Black Sketch Project, the premiere all-Black ensemble sketch troupe, performs a 60 minute table read LIVE as part of our Closing Night Gala.

Untitled Black Sketch Project is an all-Black ensemble featuring: Phatt Al (Second City), Aba Amuquandoh (This Hour has 22 Minutes), Ajahnis Charley (Bad Dog Theatre), Coko Galore (Bad Dog Theatre), Brandon Hackett (Tallboyz), Alan Shane Lewis (The Great Canadian Baking Show), Brandon Ash Mohammed (Because News), and Nkasi Ogbonnah (Second City).
Produced by Ajahnis Charley & Coko Galore; and Directed by Brandon Hackett.

The UBSP was funded with the support of the Pat & Tony Adams Freedom Fund.


Untitled Black Sketch Project
Sunday, March 28, 2021
8pm ET

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