Kirsten sits on a couch, in mid conversation, facing her unhealthy aloe plant which sits on top of a side table.

Five Sketch Comedy Videos You Need To See

In March 2021, TOSketchFest – Screen Time Edition presented over 100 titles celebrating the raw creativity of sketch comedians in the COVID era with over 12 sketch comedy short showcases.

Comedians in Toronto and beyond have shown that their creativity cannot be contained. Here are five recently released sketch comedy shorts that you need to see!

Wheelchair Advertisement by Avan Neo

Avan is a disabled comedian, actor, and filmmaker who likes to ask questions about society with their comedy work. “I’ve used comedy to get though the hardest times in my life but I also feel it’s the best way to breach touchy subject matter. My work is very satirical in nature but good for the soul.”


The Aloe in the Shade by Kirsten Rasmussen

2018 TOSketchFest Audience Choice Award winner Kirsten Rasmussen has dropped a hilarious new sketch with the intriguing tagline “MY ALOE DOESN’T LIKE THE SUN! And it’s my fault!!!!”. Don’t miss Kirsten Rasmussen in Slo Pitch on OutTV, and Band Ladies on HighBall.TV.


A Robot That Can Feel Pain by Public Works

A new sketch from Public Works, animated by Drawn Up Comedy’s Luba Magnus, from their new sketch comedy album Condo Art. Public Works is a comedy and production collective from Toronto with Callum Wratten, Alex Kolanko and Connor Low.


Let him skate. by Fog and Lasers

A gnarly skateboarding video from Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll, featuring Chris Robinson and Marc Hallworth. Check out the album Fog and Lasers 2, available now on Comedy Records.


My Vaccine Broke! by Christian & Nat

A new sketch from Natalie Metcalfe and Christian Smith about what happens if you’re not ready to get back to “normal” yet. These YouTubers hailing from Toronto, made the transition from stage to online during a global pandemic.