An animation of a male crane operator, in the cab of the crane, pulling levers.

Must-See Sketch Comedy: May 2021

Now that the 2021 Best of the Fest Award winners have been crowned, it is time to dive into brand new sketch comedy videos! We have compiled a list of Must-See sketches that were released in May, featuring a variety of styles including animation and commercial parody.

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Concrete Beams by Griffin Toplitsky

In the animated short Concrete Beams, a crane operator has a big day. Griffin Toplitsky currently produces and hosts improvised true crime podcast Killed to Death. During normal life, he is also an improv performer – as a Bad Dog Featured Players alum, as part of The Kids’ Table, as part of The Assembly on house team Jibber Jabbar, and various real life lying.

What The Pentagon Doesn’t Want You To Know About UFO Footage by Big Chick Energy

The Pentagon is investigating real UFO Footage leaked by military officials – but Emily Miling and her mom can’t help but chat about how the alien invasion is going to be “SOOOOOO CUTE”. Toronto’s Big Chick Energy Sketch is a quintet of quirky comedians who host the weekly podcast The Hatch and release weekly video sketches.

Big Gene’s Green Screen by Young Douglas

Can’t travel like ya use’ tah? Then c’mon down to Big Gene’s Green Screen and he’ll make you the talk of the town. THEY AIN’T LYIN’…or your money back. This commercial parody is by TOSketchFest21 alum Young Douglas, a sketch team that formed on Maude Night at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City. Since March 2020 Young Douglas has been producing full-length virtual sketch comedy shows in addition to hilarious comedy shorts.

Vicki Draves’ A Diver’s Guide to Poolside Safety by Model Majority

This sketch, written by and starring Monica Villa, is about about Vicki Draves, the first American woman to win two gold medals in diving, and first Asian American to win Olympic gold medals. Monica is a member of Model Majority, New York’s premier all Asian American sketch comedy team. Vicki Draves’ A Diver’s Guide To Poolside Safety was part of Model Majority’s AAPI History 201 comedy show which first screened on May 1, 2021.

Volkswagen Commercial – The Puncheoning

This ad was not made by Volkswagen! The Puncheoning is a spec commercial made by Aris Tyros and friends in the pursuit of future filmmaking work. This sketch commercial will bring back memories for anyone who has ever yelled “No punch backs!” on a road trip.

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