5 Toronto Comedy Shows to See in September 2023

Summer’s over but live Toronto comedy continues. Here are this months picks.

Little Funny Plays
Thursday, September 7

A completely new sketch show every month featuring some of the top performers in the city. Guaranteed wacky wild night of wigs, props and a ton of laughs.
Comedy Bar, Tickets and Info.

Thots and Prayers by Ajahnis Charley
Friday, September 8 and Saturday, September 9

What happens when a nerdy gaymer gets gatekept from Gay Heaven for not having enough ‘Homo Points’ after death by death drop? “THOTS & PRAYERS” is a solo sketch comedy show by Ajahnis Charley about giving life in the afterlife, and the wicked ways white gays rule over queer culture.
The Theatre Centre, Tickets and Info.

On Task Comedy Variety Show
Saturday, September 9

The On Task Comedy Variety Show is a night of fun and laughs that feature different styles of comedy! From more alternative forms of comedy, to classic good ol’ stand up comedy.
On Task Studio Toronto  Tickets and Info.

Gag Reflex
Thursday, September 14

A queer as hell comedy variety show featuring top LGBTQ+ talent in Toronto. Promises a bit of everything: stand up, musical comedy, drag, burlesque and improv.
Buddies in Bad Times  Tickets and Info.

They Go Low, We Go Laugh
Thursday, September 21

A hilarious, cozy, wholesome variety show where folx of colour and marginalized identities do stand-up, storytelling, sketch comedy, music and more!
The Theatre Centre, Tickets and Info.


++ Bonus Roadtrip Picks ++

Need a little TOsketchfest in September? Take a comedy vacation in Prince Edward County September 27-30 for a mini-fest of four TOsketchfest curated one hour comedies through our Comedy Country programming. 

The Chels Stands Alone
Wednesday, September 27

Comedian Chelsea Larkin guides you through a hilarious and relatable journey of characters, songs and wild true stories, inspired by her own real life mission to accept herself as she is (or at least pretend she does).
Sergeants Mess Hall -Base31, Tickets and Info.

I’m Only One Man
Thursday, September 28

TOsketchfest 2023’s Best of the Fest winner, solo sketch comedian Jon Blair (CBC’s Because News, This Hour Has 22 Minutes) packs an entire sketch troupe’s worth of comedy into the weary yet determined frame of a single man! In this hour full of eccentric characters, strange storytelling and wild twists and turns, Blair will make you laugh, make you think, and make you say “wow, is this dude alright?”
Sergeants Mess Hall -Base31, Tickets and Info.

Gay for Pay With Blake & Clay
Friday, September 29

Every actor knows there is nothing more prestigious than bravely playing gay. But is your pesky heterosexuality getting in the way of booking a one-way ticket to award season? Join Blake and Clay, two seasoned gay actors, as they teach you to play gay and make LGBTQ about YOU. Go from straight to straight up booked!
Sergeants Mess Hall -Base31, Tickets and Info.

Ms. Titaverse
Saturday, September 30

The Spice Girls of Comedy, the Tita Collective, are back with a brand new musical comedy, Ms. Titaverse. The new show is about a beauty pageant, but funnier, angrier and with much more chicken adobo. Ms. Titaverse centres the Tita Collective’s experiences growing up as Filipina-Canadians, exploring the growing pains, the joy and the complexity involved with coming of age between two identities.
Sergeants Mess Hall -Base31, Tickets and Info.

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