MARCH 8-19 #TOsketchfest23


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What is advertising ? and do you need it ?

The meaning of advertising it basically means communication with the audience of a service or product. Advertising uses every possible media to get a specific message through. With it you can include television, printing of newspapers, magazines, journals, radio, press, direct selling, mailers, posters, flyers, events, visuals, sounds and the most viable, easy and more popular nowadays is the internet and online services.

Companies need to advertise itself and the use of a professional is necessary, you need a digital or advertising agency and work with an specialist and a web designer to make your right promotion and advertising of the personality of your brand and business so you can communicate what you are trying to express to get the target market for your service, and this will make your viewers want to see more, and they will be attracted to come back and even to promote the service themselves.

TOsketchfest has lots of great advertising options including online, print and event-based advertising.  Put yourself in front of a young, urban audience that loves getting out and having fun.  This year we’ll be welcoming over 6,000 audience members to our theatres and event spaces, thanks to our advertisement strategies we are able to communicate to more viewers each time, each campaign is different and takes the role of the message of each event or business.

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Sponsor the festival!

A sponsorship is supporting an event, a persona, or an activity through the provision of products or services and it is the key of a powerful marketing strategy allowing the company to reach for a wider audience and associating the brand by association.

Partner with TOsketchfest and connect your brand to all the good vibes, big laughs and energy of Toronto’s comedy festival! We’ve worked with great brands over the years to develop and implement successful sponsorships and marketing partnerships. We work with the best sponsors helping us promote the events every time, you will feel all the positivism and full energy of the happy audience every time. You will love all the products released by the sponsors as each one has the brands message and the colorful taste of the festival!

Let’s see what we can do together!

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Paul Snepsts, Executive Director and Festival Producer