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Production Kit

The Shoot-at-Home Production Kit

The Shoot-at-Home Production Kit is here to help comedy creators elevate self-produced digital work. The kit consists of a suite of lighting, stabilization, audio and video capture equipment designed to help makers achieve high quality results while self-producing work for digital distribution.

And most importantly, the kit will be available to comedy creators to rent and use at low cost.


Where to Start

If you’re thinking about shooting some work at home, the first step is to skill up, and check out our helpful tipsheets:

  1. STEP 1 – Before Your Shoot
  2. STEP 2 – Shoot-at-Home Tips
  3. STEP 3 – After the Shoot (and before you pack down)


The Digital Production Initiative

The Digital Production Initiative is a “training-by-doing” project. Think you can’t get great results working at home? We partnered with Toronto filmmaker and comedian Darrell Faria to create some digital content using the Shoot-at-Home Production Kit. While you may have to get creative, Darrell’s shorts demonstrate just what kind of production value you can achieve.


Darrel and his collaborators are creating two digital shorts. The goal is to tackle a couple different sketch styles, and within each tackle a number of different technical challenges – all to show what can be done with attainable gear.


Each short is accompanied by training materials that walk through the production cycle – right through concept, writing, prep, shoot and edit. An awesome opportunity to learn what you can do with the Shoot-at-Home Production Kit by seeing it in action.



Click the image below to access companion training documents for “OkBoomer”

A thumbnail image of the front cover of companion training material for OkBoomer with the title TOsketchfest Shoot-at-home Companion Doc


The Shoot-at-home Production Kit is part of The Digital Production Initiative, and is supported by The Ontario Arts Council. We thank them sincerely for supporting comedy creators via the Arts Response Initiative.

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